About OneSock

OneSock is Slovak brand of socks with unique design established in 2013.

The basic idea of our brand is the freedom in creating and also in wearing of our socks. Therefore, each our sock is sold separately, so it can be combined freely, while every design is available in several colour combinations.

Every one is unique.

Our brand emerged only by a happy accident, when we were working on special Christmas collection of socks for one of our clients. We were just astonished by the production process of the socks. And at the same time, we met Bara Kratochvilova, musician from Czech band DVA, who told us about her dream – to have socks with her own drawings. And this is how our first DVA collection was created – during the US and European tour of DVA.

Since then, we have created several collections, always in cooperation with people, whom we like and who inspired us. Two different DVA collections, collection by Jozef Metelka, Slovak Master paracyclist with one leg, collection by Slovak music band BULP, and in these days we are about to launch our new collection FLY by Czech one-legged dancer and performer Marketa Stranska. The OneSock concept somehow changed to concept of collections with one-legged people. While the basic idea – EVERY ONE IS UNIQUE – got a quite new (and great) meaning.

Besides our OneSock collections, we also create specialized collections for various clients. To make the process of creating the designs easier, we developed our own iPad app, in which one can create his/her own design while respecting all limitations of production of sock itself. We also offer personalised labels or prints on socks.

In this way, the whole process of creation, production and also use of our socks is about playfulness, freedom and  joy all the time. And this is why we make OneSock.